Thursday, June 13, 2013


This is something that REALLY upsets me, I believe in charities, I love to help out other people and to try to further research in illnesses to find a cure, but I believe in doing your research, for example Locks Of Love would not take my hair because it has been chemically colored and has more that 2% grey in it, but people CONSTANTLY tell me to donate my hair to locks of love, PLUS they sell a lot of the hair the receive for example they just released an article about Locks of Love being unable to account for 6.6 MILLION dollars worth of hair! Here go read it, I’ll wait
Today another article came out showing the 50 WORST charities in America here are the top 12
If you look at the full list SEVERAL of these companies donate 0% to the actual cause!!! WTF???

Please please please do your research before you donate to a charity,  I know you want to help, I want to help too, but I would rather help the cause then help pay for the solicitors and the CEOs new boat.

How do you guys feel about this? Do you donate to charity? What ones?


Sam M said...

I always donate to St. Jude -- you always know where your money is going with that one!

Kara said...

I usually only donate to two or three charities on a regular basis - the children's hospital that helps sick kids from all across my province and not-for-profit animal rescues. I've seen the results from the donations to the children's hospital, and having knowing several kids personally who have gone there, it's important to me to help where I can.

I do agree that you really have to be aware of who you're donating to. Many well-known non-profits spend an absurd amount of money on administration costs; it's really disappointing. I'm not forking out donations so your staff can get take a 2-hour training course then be wined and dined!

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