Saturday, February 07, 2015

Angel Reads The Soup Club Cookbook


I was super excited when I was accepted into the Blogging For Books site. I love to read and when I saw what was available I had to try out a cook book first.

Now my family says I am great at cooking, but recently it seems that one of their favorites I make is soup. When I went home for M’s Wedding my dad had enough ingredients for me to make 18 quarts each of 3 different soups!!

The Soup Club Cookbook: Feed Your Friends, Feed Your Family, Feed Yourself

This book has lovely pictures and cute stories sprinkled through out it about how to make different soups and how to start your own soup club! I had never really heard of a soup club before, and it sounds like a kick butt idea, I just need to find 3 other people willing to join in with me! This book not only has soups, but amazing side dishes and drinks too! Every recipe comes with its own story of how it got into the group, and I thought the notes were an adorable addition!

The soup recipes are for large batches because they are meant to be used within a soup club and shared with many people, but I am sure that the ones I haven’t tried yet will freeze well because the ones I did try froze beautifully. They have Asian soups, and several different styles and tastes!

I liked how the humor was tossed in the book, honestly one of my favorite chapters was “Music to cook too” where they shared playlists of their favorite cooking music, I cannot cook properly without some music in the background so this really made me smile!

I think this book would be a welcome addition to any family’s cookbook stash, but that unless you plan to cook and freeze make sure you halve or quarter each recipe!


* I was sent this book for free for my honest opinion and review

If you want to see any of the recipes from this book let me know and I will make a future blog post on them! 

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