Friday, February 13, 2015

Three Things I Want For Valentine’s Day:

I have never really been into Valentine’s day because the majority of my relationship with Kensei was long distance and well we just have never really done the Valentine’s thing.
This year we are going to see a free production of Rocky Horror Picture Show and hopefully have dinner at a local Japanese restaurant, BUT on the down side, I’m doing all the buying because Kensei is still jobless… So What do I want for Valentine’s day???
1. Flowers… I always have wanted someone to send me flowers and never have had it done, I love flowers and think they brighten up any area where they are, but have never had someone send them to me. I have bought myself  little sets from the grocery store but it just isn’t the same.
2. a week of paid vacation from work. I am honestly so tired between working 5-7 days a week full time and going to school full time, that I honestly just want a week to relax, but I still need to pay bills…
3.  My wedding invitations finished and printed out. I have the save the dates mailed but now I have to get the actual invitations printed and mailed out.
What are your plans for Valentine’s day? Are you doing anything? What are your three things you want?

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