Wednesday, May 06, 2015

May Goals

Monthly Goals

Yes I know I am a slacker… it is really sad how badly I slack and procrastinate….

So goals for this month:

1. Check out a church for the wedding and decide if we are DOING a church or just at the venue.

2. Do ALL of the laundry in the house and keep on top of it!

3. Utilize my Planner more, (if you would be interested in a Plan with me post/video let me know in the comments)

4. Keep up with the savings plan I started in April, (so far week 3, and save 3 dollars.)

5. Go through some of my boxes of junk.

6. Finish the wedding invites and figure out a rehearsal dinner space.

7. Get the car looked at/fixed

8. Keep up with Weight Watchers.


What are your goals this month??

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