Monday, October 10, 2011

Okay Are You Kidding Me???

So I work in a hotel… I have established this. I also have a pet and I love my Penni Puppy more than anything, she is like a child to me. BUT I understand that sometimes I can’t bring her places with me and sometime I will have to pay a fee for her.

Some people are allergic to dogs, and some dogs have fleas. and most hotels don’t take pets, and if they do there is a weight limit.

We are not a high price hotel, we don’t offer breakfast, just coffee and juice,  and that’s pretty much it. We do take pets, it’s $10 for a pet under 20 lbs. and $15 for a pet over 20lbs per pet per night.

So sometimes I find some of the phone calls I get funny.

like today for example,

Me: “Thank you for calling, how may I help you?”

Lady On The Phone (LOTP): “Ya’ll pet friendly?”

Me: “Yes Ma’am we are.”

LOTP: “There an extra fee?”

Me: “Yes Ma’am, how large is the pet?”

LOTP: “2 pets, both over 100lbs”

Me: "okay well pets over 20lbs are $15 per pet per night."

LOTP: "WHAT???? All you have to do is freaking vacuum. Why would you charge $30 per night? Would you charge for a 100lb kid???"

Me: “No ma’am but we do have a pet policy, because we must close the room down and deep clean incase of a guest with an allergy coming in.”

LOTP: “People aren’t allergic to pets this is bull!” CLICK




1 comment:

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Is it bad I laughed at your phone call? You do really deal with some interesting people. :) And I'm one of those people that's allergic to dogs--I appreciate that you deep clean!

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