Tuesday, October 25, 2011





I got my package on Friday but couldn’t post until now! I LOVED IT! October Julie's Dress 005

I was actually a little nervous when I got home because the mailman, had placed the package on the step instead of the chair like he usually does and it was raining really hard, so the package had   been in a puddle for who knows how long, but Amanda was really really smart and placed a perfect item on the end that was soaked:

October Julie's Dress 007A Halloween pumpkin towel!!! It soaked of most of the water that leaked through the box and is now nice and clean and decorating my kitchen!

October Julie's Dress 006I seriously think she was living in my head because I saw a similar garland the other day and almost got it! October Julie's Dress 008October Julie's Dress 009

Okay seriously? YUM!!! I LOVE Funfetti and wanted the Halloween kind! October Julie's Dress 011Super cute pumpkin salt and pepper shakers!

and the CANDLES!!! I love candles, anything that smells good, and I loved the holders she pickedOctober Julie's Dress 010October Julie's Dress 012October Julie's Dress 013October Julie's Dress 014October Julie's Dress 015See how pretty they light up???


~Haley~ said...

Nice package! I got my partner cake mix as well, but couldn't find Halloween Funfetti, which is my fav! Also got her the salt & pepper shakers. Looks like you got a great package this time!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you liked everything! I had fun shopping for you and getting to know you better :)

Celia said...

how fun!!!!

KAS said...

The light house is so cute and I love funfetti.

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