Thursday, November 13, 2014

Golden Vlog

This is my first time ever participating in the Golden Vlog!! I am so excited for this!!

November Prompts:


1. What is your favorite thanksgiving tradition?

2. Do you travel to be with family or do they come to you?

3. Do you have the traditional thanksgiving dinner or do something completely different and unique to your family? If so, what is it?

4. What's the MUST have item for thanksgiving dinner?

5. Do you decorate for Christmas Thanksgiving weekend?

6. Are you a black-friday shopper or no? If so .. do you go crazy early or sleep in and miss the crowds?

7. Have a favorite recipe? Care to share?

8. What are you MOST thankful for this year?




Faith Golden said...

Pumpkin soup?? I'm gonna have to know what that is and how to make it! Lol! My husband loves anything pumpkin! Thanks so much for linking up!! Look forward to hear more from you. :)

Anonymous said...

You've cooked Thanksgiving dinner since you were 16?! Holy cow, girl! You're an inspiration! Your lipstick is to die for... what color/brand is it?

Sarah Moore said...

I'm with Leah! You are a total inspiration for cooking Thanksgiving dinner since you were 16! That's amazing! This is going to sound weird but I love your accent and voice! Where are you from?!

Taylor Yates said...

Agreed - such a champ for having cooked Thanksgiving dinner for so long! I need to a college student I cook pretty well, but I'm nowhere close to Thanksgiving superstar level.


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