Thursday, November 27, 2014

Top 5 Netflix TV Shows I’ve been binge watching!



I started watching this when it came out, but  I didn’t really get into it, I have totally finished all 3 season on Netflix in under a month, if you haven’t watched it you need to start!

The 20s, murder, a hot police inspector, and a huge mystery involving a missing child from long ago, this show is AMAZING!!! It is set in Australia (I think) and has some interesting plot lines and amazing costumes!

I loved these books when I was younger and have been enjoying the series!

This show…. OMG this show!!! I Love it, and I desperately need to know IS RED HER FATHER??????

This is another one… I am ALWAYS on the edge of my seat never knowing what is going on, plus it has
Kelly Kaposki from Saved by the bell!!!


What are you watching??

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Holly Romero said...

I love Blacklist so much!

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