Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Late as usual

I have a tendency to always show up late to things like fads. Usually after they have been canceled. I love to watch TV late at night. So when I am flipping channels and come across something interesting I never know what I am watching until I get hooked. After I get hooked and want to watch the whole series I find out that it was canceled years ago and get annoyed.


Dead Like Me
This was a showtime only show about a girl who dies, wow interesting plot. Then she has to be a grim reaper. Nice twist I caught the end of an episode one night and adored it. I ten went online to find out how to see the rest and found out it had been canceled in 2002. I did watch the movie that just came out though. Not Bad.

Tru Calling:
I flip past Sci-Fi every now and then, usually don't stop because I get scared easy. I never could watch Are You Afraid of the Dark, or Goosebumps. But I caught an episode where It revealed who killed her mom. That caught my attention and now I want to watch the rest. Only it was canceled after 6 episodes of the second season.

Psych and Eureka are shows still on I came to late.

See what I Mean? I have the odd tendency to come to a show at the end. Sad I know.

Sorry to sound like TV Guide but I needed to broadcast this.

If anyone is watching a good show please let me know so I can find something new to watch!

On a happy note I just noticed I have 15 followers! Thanks guys! You make me feel super special!


Lisa said...

you are special and TV lacks good content these days...I watch Disney channel a

Cindy said...

You should really try the series Freaks and Geeks. It's like my favorite series ever. But sadly It only ever had one season :-(. It's the series that Jason Segel and Seth Rogan started out in.

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