Thursday, May 14, 2009

Writer's Workshop: Feelings

Mama Kat's prompts this week kind of caught me by surprise but I knew when I read this one that it was what I would do:

1.) Define anger using pictures you've taken.

Now because one of my majors is Photography, this was hard for me, also because I lost most of my favorite images when my computer burst into flames but that was another story. So on to the prompt.

Goodness, this was an especially difficult one fore me. Goodness in my mind is not easily defined so I have two images for that one.

This is a church in Charleston, I have taken so many pictures of this particular church over the years to me the deep blue and the steeple are a symbol of the goodness that comes from the world around you. This is always going to be there as a reminder that there is good in the world, and good people who believe.

This was taken at a pier in Charleston as well. the good in nature where everything comes from. The beauty and purity that comes in nature is also only found in babies and not for long either.

Then there was Joy.

Joy to me is an emotion that one can see, so the picture I took was from M's Wedding

This was taken after the wedding took place. M decided that she didn't get enough pictures of the actually ceremony so so ordered everyone back up so that she could stage the pictures, then freaked because people brought drinks, and we had to do it all over again.
this is joy for me, everyone was laughing and grinning and having fun.

Sorrow and Anger are next these are linked to me, When you have sorrow, you tend to get angry, or at least I do, and when I am angry then it is followed by sorrow. So These are all connected to me

M was very sad one day and that's where this came from

This is another church in Charleston, I think it represents anger and sorrow because it is one of the very few there that they have let become overgrown and stopped caring for it, There is graffiti on the lower walls and the graveyard has been vandalized and it makes me both angry and sad that people would treat others in this way.

This is a Jail in Charleston. It is also very neglected and graffiti all over it. But It is also a sad site because it could have been a powerful piece of architecture.

This is what happened to my car.
It is also what I mean by the two emotions are linked in my mind. Tori, (My Car) was taken from me because of a mistake and broken. I lost my car, and my independence. I was very angry but also couldn't stop crying because of the sorrow I felt as well.

And to end on a lighter note: I did not take this but I reminds me of the squirrel from Ice Age, anyways here is a laugh for you.


Trudy said...

Great pics, fun post. I especially love that last picture, I love polar bears!

Visiting from Mama Kat's!

Kitty said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I really like how you connected many emotions and posted so many pictures! (I also love the bear at the end! LOL)

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