Saturday, May 23, 2009

When No One's Looking.....

I cook. I bake. I mess around (and up) the Kitchen. I have always been this way. I Love to sit at the table with 70 pounds of cookie dough and roll them out. (No I'm not joking I did at Christmas.)

I have three days off next week! (everyone jump up and down and clap your hands for me) On Tuesday I will be making cookies and a birthday cake for Jujube.

Speaking on Jujube, She got 2 dozen red roses and a box of Godiva chocolates from my mothers current boyfriend. Amazing when I was turning 11 I got barbies and grounded.

okay sorry for the short post I am pretending to work! lol


Night Owl Mama said...

OH baking cookies send some this way. My children love them.

I think your header is very cute. I love the twinkling.

Lisa said...

Eat some cookies or whatever you are baking for me please. Sounds good.

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