Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Writer's Workshop: The Me Edition

Well Mama Kat gave me a mission and I chose to accept it, although I wish she would do something about the whole this computer will self-destruct in 10 thing, the boss keeps getting mad at me!

Anyways today's prompts are all about me (at least that's how I see it;)

1.) Share a love letter.-
Well I wish i could but Kensei never has written me a letter no mater how hard I have tried to get him to.

2.) Memorial Day Weekend plans?? Do share!
This one is not so Interesting, I will be working.

3.) List ten things you are currently sick of.

Ten things I am sick of... Here we go:
10. Finding out about Awesome Shows After they have been canceled.
9. Working six out of seven days a week I want a day off...
8. Not having my car
7. I am totally sick of dealing with people who are to young to be getting hotel rooms for the
purpose they are.
6. Not having any money, I know I should be grateful to have a job and all but I even with the six
days a week I work I never seem to have any money after bills.
5. People reminding me I could have studied more in HS for a scholarship
4. Kensei getting so absorbed in his games that I can have a complete conversation by myself
3. The fact that I really want to get my hair done, but can't do it on my own.
2. The fact that the only person who can do my hair is going to charge me $200 to do it.
And the number one thing that I am sick of is:
1. the fact that I still haven't been able to start my Master Cleanse because I have heard you need at least two days of nothing to start and I haven't got to consecutive days of nothing!

4.) Put an outfit together using pictures you found online and show us what you'd LIKE to be wearing today.

What would I like to be wearing today??? Here goes!

This top because I like the style. and even though they don't necessarily match:

First off I like this skirt, I barely ever wear skirts but My ideal wardrobe would be full of them!

This coat because It goes with the top: and to top it all off:

These shoes because they are the closet to the shoes that I dream about from this book!

And because I change my outfits at least twice, one for work and one for home here goes choice number two:

The black top not the purple one with this skirt:

And these boots because I LOVE boots:
Probably the Black ones but maybe the pink.

5.) What have you been too busy to pay attention to?

I have been to busy to pay attention to a lot of things lately. My social life for one. But little things: I haven't eaten a real meal in days, I have been snacking at random intervals, and I have been to busy to actually relax.

So what about you guys did you accept Mama Kat's Mission?


Los said...

Your comment about hating the fact that you dont' find out about a good tv show until it's canceled - it kind of made me think about all the great HBO and Showtime shows that I don't watch because they are already too far along for me to jump in and watch ... sigh.

Life with Kaishon said...

I think it is good that you aren't going to mix all of those pieces together : ). There were some really great choices up there though! I am so sorry about your hair! I know that is frustrating! I hope that you can find the money because getting your hair done always lifts the spirits, right? Have a great weekend even though you will be working for part of it!

Isabel Princes said...

Haha, totally agree with number 4. My husband has gotten so good he'll respond to me in a way that seems like he's listening, and then 15 minutes later it's like I never said anything at all.
Can' wait till my boys are old enough to do the same thing to me too.
Sorry you have to work so much! Try to enjoy the holiday as best you can.

Mama Kat said...

I think money is an issue for EVERYONE right now...but 6 days a week is a death sentence!

Trudy said...

Stopping by from Mama Kat's. I love the clothes! Hope you have some time to relax in between all that working this weekend!

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