Monday, July 06, 2009

Extra Extra!

I am not a reviewer by nature but I do know that when one finds something that works well spreading the word is a good thing so on that note

"Extra, Extra Read all about it!" I was walking through Wal Mart at 12:30 am the other night buying groceries, (lots of things in that trip but I will go into them on random Tuesday!) I was walking down the drink isle with my dad who has forbidden all soda, and sugary drink products in the house and I saw these!

These babies not only have no calories and 5 carbs or is it no carbs and five calories... either way they sound great from a health standpoint.

I have both flavors mixed in two water bottles right now. I went to the gas station on my way to work and bought two smart waters, I Love these waters because they taste pure to me as well as they have the cute little sippy tops. each bottle is one pint of water or 23.8 fl oz which is a little more than the directions say but I don't like a super strong taste. I have finished the Peach White Tea flavor and it was Delicious I don't know about the skin difference yet but I can see myself drinking this everyday, and at the cheap price of 2.00 for 10 packets that's not bad at all roughly .20 cents a packet.

I tried several other mix brands and this one dissolves very easy with little shaking. I was a little worried because it looked as if it was going to clump up but settled by the time I was in the car.

If you are looking for a way to be a little more healthy you should definitely try the Crystal Light Skin Essentials in both flavors!

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