Thursday, July 09, 2009

Writer's Workshop: Paranoid? Who's paranoid??

It's time for the wonderful, the amazing, the beautiful, generous, all around perfect Mama Kat's writer's workshop.

Before I get into the prompts I wanted to let you all know that Piper and I have made our first post on Because I said So.. So if you are feeling a little wanderlust wander on over there and read all about how we rock and horror movies that try to kill me.

Okay now that that is out of the way I was reading Mama Kat's prompts and well they were a little too serious for me this week, all of my posts lately have been a serious twist and I need a little funny. So I am writing three of them:

2.) When I grow up I want to be like...

This was a little hard for me because I am not sure who I want to be when I grow up. I am not even sure WHAT I want to be when I grow up

I know that I want to be feisty and fiery like Catherine Zeta Jones in Zorro's one and two.

I also never want to lose my romantic side. I want to always believe in love like Meg Ryan in Sleepless in Seattle, I want to be willing to give up everything like Kate and Leopold and French Kiss and I want to keep my sense of humor and love of books like You've Got Mail.

There are so many characteristics that I want but am not sure of yet. This I will revisit later

4.) List 5 things you like to do while camping...or 5 places you'd like to go.
I don't really do the outdoors so here are five places I want to go! In pictures none the less:

I want to go to Scotland:
Particularly The highlands I have read so much about them that I really want to just visit if only once.
I also want to go to Japan, this would be mostly for shopping I love everything Japanese and going there would be a dream come true.
I also would love to go to Venice The city of magic and water. I love Italy, Sicily and Greece because my Nana was born there I want to visit more than anything.
Rome for the same reason as Venice my Papa was born there
And I want to go back to NYC I love the city and I miss it. I lived there for a while and well I am I not sure I'd live there again I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to visit.

This is turning out to be a rather picture heavy post...

The next prompt.

What Am I Paranoid About??

Everything!! I am one of those obsessive people who worry themselves into early graves. I am Paranoid about anything happening to Jujube, I make her call me all the time.
I am Paranoid about classes I tend to psych myself out before tests.
I am Paranoid about all sorts of things. While I am optimistic by nature I am also the girl who will jump right to the worst possible conclusions. I didn't hear from Prue for a week once after she made an odd comment to me, She had told me that she wouldn't be home for a while. I didn't hear from her for a week by the time she called I was picturing her and my niece in a car accident with twisted metal and bloody bodies. There was one time where Jujube wasn't home and I went right to someone had kidnapped her. I like to be sunny but with everything out there I do jump right to the bad I am sad to admit.

Okay one last thing and I will let you go, Poor Jujube had a problem last night she was bending down to hang up a towel and slammed her head onto the door hinge, there is a slightly deep halfmoon in her forehead now. I am not sure what to make of it. Also I am slightly annoyed with Herbal Essences right now. With my Paranoid worrying I get a lot of grey hair so I have been coloring my hair from the end of high school. I wanted to go natural and bought two boxes of ASH BROWN and when I finished my hair was JET BLACK!!!! I must have picked the only two boxes of black masquerading as brown. It doesn't look to bad but it is a shock. I will get Piper to post a picture later.

Poor Jujube's head after the band-aid went on. Don't you just feel sorry for her?


Farmers Wife said...

I also want to go to Scotland, it would be amazing. Just visiting from mama kats.....

June Freaking Cleaver said...

It's easy for those women in the movies - someone writes their dialogue...figuring the stuff out in real life is a bit more challenging.

I think the key is finding out your passion - do what you love, and you'll love what you do and who you become.

Piper said...

Well that just goes to show you that if it looks brown and says brown it's probably black giving you a surprise makeover. More bang for you buck, lil sis. Paranoia can be vastly overrated on the small things. I'll be more than happy to give you back some of your gray if that's the problem.(insert evil laugh) Love you.

kathi said...

Bad things usually happen to me if I dare to camp. I am with you on your 5 places to visit that don't involve camping, though! I have visited Japan and NYC, but have never been anywhere in Europe.


She could draw something fun on the bandaid if she has to wear one for a while....that's what I would do. Here via the Mingle.

Dan said...

Glad to find yet another anti-camper. Now all you need to do is get rid of the paranoia and you'll be set. {*grin*}

Vivienne said...

I love your Top Five Places! Love love love Italy. Ciao!

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