Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Totally Random!!


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Well I have a lot of things to do this weekend! I get to Work!! (Everyone clap your hands and cheer for me) My boss has temporarily promoted me to Manager. Not that I don't already do the job of one, deal with the customers, adjust rates, buy supplies for the property, make the schedules for the front desk and answer my phone at all hours of the night when the night audit girls can't figure out how to change a rate from reg, to military. But back to my temporary promotion, my boss has decided that because he will be on vacation if I make myself available to cover any shifts answer any questions that he will give me an additional 60 in cash for every shift that needs to be covered as well as being on the clock. I am okay with this because I am going on my trip at the end of this month and need all the money I can get my hands on.

I was reading one of the blogs I follow and there was a question that really aught my eye:
Do you fear getting older? Having another Birthday make you realize how much time you are loosing and you never got to do the things you like with your kids/or take them some where special?

I had to stop and give this serious thought I don't fear getting older exactly, I just wish that it would slow down. I know a lot of people who read this will be like your 22! What do you know about feeling old! But I do. I help take care of my sister and act like her mom, And well when I was younger, in high school and below birthdays would take for ever to get here I would count down the days until the big one for months in advance tell everyone "it's three months till my birthday!" now I don't realize that its my birthday until the week before if I am lucky. My 22nd one it was the day of before I realized it. I dread the big 3-0 and I really want to be married with kids by the 25th, (Yeah I know two years is wishful thinking.)

Piper had the brilliant Idea to create a blog for me and her to write the things that happen to us! I think it is a good one and while nothing has been posted as of this moment we will hopefully have something soon!! So with in the next few months if you get bored mosey on over to "Because I said so..." and leave a comment or two!!

I get one day off this week. I am just super happy about that!

Keely's post had this in it. I will now have nightmares for months not only would I drive into a ditch but I would probably take half the highway with me!


Princess Andy said...

gosh, when i was 22 i was already married and pregnant.

that feels like a million years ago, but also like yesterday;)

follow your dreams!


Keely said...

Just make sure you get the right guy, because that part is sort of essential ;)

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