Sunday, July 19, 2009

Why would you say something like that???

I am very upset! My friend is 23 years old and she is BEAUTIFUL! She is one of those people who can wear size 4 clothes and still eat a whole pizza and aren't all stuck up about it.
That's not what made me angry.

I just I should tell a little back story:

The other day I was shopping, (Yes my shoppers class hasn't been located yet) and I saw the most darling bathing suit. So I convinced my friend to get it. It is a two piece bikini but both cheeks of her behind are FULLY covered as well as her chest the only thing it has is a sparkly little play boy bunny on the top. Remember she is 23!!

Her sister is wearing a bikini that actually covers less and she is 16. (this is relevant)

Today while packing for a trip she had misplaced her suit, now she wasn't bringing it because this was a church trip but she did want it located. Her mother asked if she would be bringing on her big trip to see her husband and she said yes.

Her mother was very upset and told her that she shouldn't be dressing and flaunting herself like a little Whore!!!! Why?? What would make a mother call her daughter that and does she not see the suit her 16 year old is wearing??

My friend reasoned that it must have been because married women shouldn't wear bikini's. why not?? if you look good in one why should you not wear one??


okay I am done now have a good week!

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Texan Mama @ Who Put Me In Charge said...

Hey Angel
First, thanks for the compliment. And for de-lurking. I know it's a tough thing to do!

And, if I had the body for a bikini I would do it in a heartbeat. I am all about modesty and would probably wear a conservative bikini, but I think there's nothing wrong with a 2-piece on a married woman.

I think that mom's choice of words was a bit harsh. She probably meant "indecent" or "inappropriate" but saying whore was really the wrong choice of words.

It's a thin line... I think if her mom is sensitive to that bathing suit, she might want to choose another one (out of respect for her mom), but she still doesn't deserve to be called a name like that.

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