Tuesday, September 02, 2014

My Most Prized Possession


So I am going to be randomly joining in with the blog every day in September challenges. I am just mega challenging myself all over this month! Today’s challenge was to tell about my most prized possession.

Not the Penni Puppy, although she is my baby doll beyond all loves of my life, but that ratty, brown, fur missing, nose broken stuffing long gone bear next to her.

That my friends, is Sammy. Sammy Bear is a boy or a girl depending on my mood. At one time Sammy had a pretty red bow on his neck, young child me took care of that quickly.

At one time Sammy looked like this!

But this bear is my security. My Nana gave me Sammy the day that I was born, you know back in the 80s when you could put toys in kids hospital rooms, I almost died when I was born and Nana said (after I was older) that she gave me Sammy to take away all of the bad in my life and leave just the good.

As some of you know my Nana is my Italian grandmother and she meant the world to me. I still take Sammy on EVERY trip I go on, and still sleep with Sammy at night, much to Kensei’s dismay.

Do you have something special that means the world to you? What’s the story behind it?


Anonymous said...

awww, i love stuffed animals (or friends as i always called them). i have a probably 8 inch tall bunny rabbit that my mom sewed for me before i was born. i named him bunny (all my 'friends' were pretty much always boys unless they were dolls) and he currently lives in my nightstand drawer so he's protected from our cats who could mistake him for a toy. bunny has been through alot- he's missing an eye, has chewed off ears, and is horribly dirty... but i love him nearly 30 years later :)

Jazmine Brown said...

I love stuff animals. I keep a whole bunch for sentimental reasons as well. I can differently relate.

Chloe Logan said...

How sweet! I have Olivia the pig hehe.

Chloe | Wanderlust in the Midwest

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