Friday, September 12, 2014

Perfectly Posh!


I was recently given a chance to try some samples from Crystal, she is a Perfectly Posh Consultant, and let me know about a skin care company I’d never heard of before! Perfectly posh is a  made in the USA company, They are Paraben, sulfate, lanolin and phthalate free , they have natural bases and are cruelty free!!

First I want to say Crystal has this sample thing down pat! She sent me a makeup bag filled with trial samples, a letter on how to use everything, a perfectly posh cataloged AND each sample was individually packaged with it’s name and directions on it’s use!! You go girl!!!

As always I am going to be completely honest though,

Here is a little about me, I used to take amazing care of my skin, sunblock and lotion every single day, face masks once a week, but I was also damaging the heck out of it but going to a tanning salon every single day, for at least 30 min a day for sensory mood treatment. I don’t do that anymore, not because of a cancer scare or anything serious (although I know I should be worried) but mainly because I am broke and have no time to tan. Unfortunately my skin has suffered because of this, my body is super dry and I get really rough scaly patches, it isn’t pretty.

The first sample I tried out was the Snarky Bar


According to the site, it is scented with: Bergamot, mandarin, freesia, lily, and soft sandalwood

What Does It Do?: 

Snarky beads scrub and rub off dead, dry skin in a luxurious smelling shea butter soap base. Remove stubborn and unsmooth spots.

How To Use It: 

Rub over skin in the shower or bath. A quick pass from shoulders to toes once per day, or every other day is enough to keep most skin super soft. Aggressive scrubber. Not recommended for face. Remember: She’s Snarky! Rinse thoroughly. Pat skin dry with towel and moisturize “snarked” areas.

What did I think? Pros: I liked this, like I said my skin is usually very dry and flaky, it smoothed my skin well, and the shea butter added some nice moisture which I liked.

Cons: The smell didn’t last, and neither did the sample, I used the whole sample in one shower, now I do take very warm showers so this could have been part of the issue, but in the process of scrubbing myself all over the entire sample was used. The full sized is 6 oz. so this might not happen as quickly with the full sized bar.

Next I used the Mix a Fresh Mask Kit in Honey and Annatto:

What Does It Do?: 

Nourish your face how you choose with a blend of honey and annatto seed. Soothe, moisturize, and preserve youthful skin while leaving a healthy glow. Made in your choice of a foody base mix.

How To Use It: 

Simply blend Mask Mix with your choice of fresh, chilled ingredients. Choose from 15 recipes. Mix and apply to face. Rinse with warm water. Store excess Mask in an air-tight container in your refrigerator. Share your Mask, or use within 72 hours.

What did I think? I mixed mine with honey and yogurt, I LOVED it! Very DIY but also very soothing and I liked how my face looked and felt after!


I then Tried the Shine Bright Like a Diamond Microderm Scrub

What Does It Do?: 

Removes dead layers on face to reveal a more youthful, elastic complexion.

How To Use It: 

Use with water on clean skin. Rinse thoroughly. Moisturize. Use once weekly.

Fragrance: Lotus water

What do I think? Honestly I didn’t like this one, I didn’t really notice to much of a difference in my face at all but I do really like the smell!


I also sampled the Mint For Each Other Body Scrub:

What Does It Do?: 

Exfoliates skin to remove dead, dry layers and reveal tighter, nourished, healthy skin.

How To Use It: 

Apply liberally to skin in the bath or shower. Scrub, then rinse

What did I think? The SMELL I LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell, but it ends there… this didn’t do much for me, I tried it in the shower (we don’t have a tub where we live) and it was just to dry for me to really get anything out of it, but the smell is amazing!


Last I tried Nutty For You

all mixd up witch be gone

What Does It Do?: 

Fragrances your bath, scrub, shower, or steam with gentle fragrance and skin pampering sea salt.

How To Use It: 

Simply scoop a little (or a lot!) into your bath, toss onto the floor of a steamy shower, or use a small amount in hands to scrub skin. Make it YOURS: mix with other fragrances and effects.

What do I think? This is another win for me! I LOVED the smell and it worked well as a steam smell, and also as a scrub mixed with a little coconut oil! I would definitely recommend this one in a heartbeat!


Have you ever tried Perfectly Posh? What did you think? Do you think you would like to try any of these? Let Crystal know!


Aubrey S. said...

I'll have to give this skincare line a try sometime. I really like the idea of that bar, but I'd have to hide it from my husband or he'll use it all up.

Aubrey S. said...

I'll have to give this skincare line a try sometime. I really like the idea of that bar, but I'd have to hide it from my husband or he'll use it all up.

Miss Angie said...

These all sound really awesome!

Lublyou said...

I love all kinds of scrubs! I love them too much, so I end up with too many of them but then as soon as they are not new to me I forget to use them hahah

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