Friday, November 05, 2010

Day 5: Your favorite quote , A song to match your mood

I have already mentioned that My two most favorite Quotes come from Gone With The Wind and Pretty Woman,

“Frankly My dear I Don’t give a damn” and
Big mistake. Big. Huge

My song is matching because after reading a post on Momma Made It Look Easy, Jennifer explained about an incident that happened at a Halloween party between her two children, I had this post scheduled for later this week, but because of her post I felt inspired to share it with you all.  First the Song is I’ll Stand by You. And I apologize for all the text.

So what this brought up was some things that happened to Airforce when we started moving around a lot. When we lived in New York, and my brother was born I was not a happy camper, until I was pulled aside by my Nana, Papa and Grandma, they told me that He was MY  little brother, he belonged to me and I needed to look out for him, My mother was pretty Flaky even back then, and my Daddy was working a lot, So five year old me was the one in charge when we moved to Ohio. I tried to take care of him as best as I could, oh there was the incident with the stroller, and the playground (I'll talk about those later if ya’ll want.) but Airforce was my brother and I knew he needed me.

When we moved to SC I was 10 and he was 5, I babysat for him by myself from then on. I fit in down here, he stood out, I was a quiet kid, a leave me alone and I'll leave you alone type and people got that.  Airforce was not, He was opinionated, and loud and very in your face. I picked on him endlessly at home, teasing and laughing at him, but never in public. When I was 12 and he was 7 we walked home from school, his school got out after mine, so I was usually all ready at home and making snack when he came home.

One day he ran in the house out of breath and bloody, he was crying and to upset to talk, I got the first aid kit, and his little stuffed Raccoon, Coonie, and cleaned him up until he calmed down enough to tell me what happened. On his way home for the past few weeks my little second grader brother had been picked on and bullied by a group of 4 fifth graders and 2 sixth graders, and he had been ignoring them, but he snapped that day and tried to tell them off and they proceeded to beat him up.

I saw red and demanded their names, Airforce thought I was telling my parents to tell theirs so he told me… and I did tell my parents, that night but first I turned on the TV gave Airforce a snack , and left the house.

We had a little community playground at the end of our street, all the kids went there until the parents came home, I walked over and looked at the boys until I recognized one of the boys who my brother named, his fists were scraped and I looked for the other kids, I found the rest of them around the tire swing picking on a little girl, I yelled all the names and then flung myself at them, I was a small seventh grader, the kind that looked like I belonged in 4th or 5th grade but I went all out on that group of boys, Now I don’t advocate violence for violence but remember all I could think of was them hurting my little brother, I don’t know how but I beat all of them that day, and then told them to stay away from my brother. I dropped out of the Volleyball team the next day so I could be there when Airforce walked home and make sure it never happened again.

The boys did go home and tell their parents, but when the angry parents came to our house my dad explained what happened and the 6:2 odds, and they got in trouble as well, I was grounded for a month but my dad told me he was proud of me for looking out for Airforce.

So the moral of the story? Family is Family and while my brother and I fight and tease to this day, he is MY little brother and I am responsible for taking care of him.
Make sure you head over to Jennifer’s and see what prompted this post.

On a lighter note later on this afternoon/tonight I’ll have a new blog design by the wonderful Brea!

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