Saturday, November 06, 2010

Day 6-My Dream Wedding


I am not very picky when it comes to my wedding. I want something sweet and charming and lovely. I do know I would love a winter wedding, maybe in December, but not a Christmas wedding, to much theme there for me.

I do know somethings though I want a dress like this one… For those who watch Anime, this is from Sailor Moon, I want a Princess Serenity Dress, I just love the flowingness of it!  So here are my inspiration images:

sailormoon wallpaper3


Yes there are two actually dresses in there I like they way they look, although I’ve never tried them on.

Then after the dress, I know I want roses in my bouquet so I am not sure on the color scheme yet, but I know anything but Green and Red!

I always dreamed of  a Disney wedding or a princess wedding, but Kensei has asked for one concession and I will give it to him, before I walk down the isle when all the guests are seated he will enter and walk down the isle to the Vader theme or the Imperial March from Star Wars.  But I won’t, I am getting the  Cannon and The wedding march!

I want something romantic and sweet, I have two places in mind the Pink Palace in Memphis, image because I want to be married in a castle! or

image image

at Bonne Terre in Mississippi because I think its just breathtaking and in December there would be snow all over too.

But yes that’s part of my dream wedding what do ya’ll think?


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Carolina said...

Hi! I'm visiting from LBS...

Thanks so much for the link to the winter swap... sounds like fun (I've signed up!) : )

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