Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Couple of Things..

First: I GOT A CAR!!!!!! This is my new (kinda) baby, Her name is Sophie, and I already love her lots.


Second I Love Love Love getting your comments, Your thoughts on what I write, reactions, responses, how you feel, it makes me happy inside and I try to respond to every single one I get.. but there is an issue… no reply blogger is filling up my comments, and they are great ones! I want to write you back and tell you how you made me feel, whether it was touching my heart on a hard post or making me laugh on a funny one and I can’t. so do me a favor? Please Please Please

1. go to the Blogger Dashboard
2. click edit profile
3. look in the privacy section.
4. Click the box that says show my email address
5. In the identity section enter your email address
6. Scroll down and click Save Profile


That way maybe I can make you feel better or smile too?


And now my List… you what list I mean, the Lists of 5 celebs (or characters in my case) you have a free pass to sleep with if, by some incredible twist of fate, you would actually have a run-in with the famous object of your affection. And that they’d be looking and wanting one with you too lol.

Kensei says my list is WAY longer that 5, because every time I comment that an actor in a movie is cute he says great add that one to the list


Spike Because well Vampire’s don’t Sparkle! I have a thing for the bad boys and Spike is definitely a bad boy. When he first came on I was totally NOT into him but now I adore him, and that accent?? I totally melt.


Harrison Ford… Han Solo and Indiana Jones, What more can a girl want?  I fell in love with Han Solo at a young age, and Harrison Ford can still make my heart melt, so he is definitely one!


Nicholas Cage- again bad boy and he just does something more me, although I will admit I like his shaggy scruffy look best.


Mark Valley- or Christopher Chance from Human Target. He is smart and sexy and the push you down on the floor and have his way kinda guy, but also a gentleman… I would let him protect me any day of the week.


Brad Pitt from Oceans or Mr and Mrs Smith,  I like the devil may car attitude and that whole I’ll do anything streak…  and even though that’s five I gotta toss one more in…


George Clooney… no words… just yummy…


The Suburban Princess said...

I love Nicolas Cage's voice! I am such a weirdo...with the whole being attracted to people's voices and such.

And I like jawlines too. See, I am a freak. lol.

Mamarazzi said...

viva the bloggy revolution!

down with the no reply

Adrienne said...

Found your blog on Mamarazzi. Great idea to post the instructions to actually show how to fix this darn email thing. I used to think Harrison Ford was sooo hot!

Adrienne said...

...and congrats on the new car!!

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