Friday, January 07, 2011

Still a little upset but I do have good news

So I wanted to thank the people that left comments on my last post, I really needed to get out the emotions that I was feeling but I was honestly very worried about posting it on my blog because I still have this feeling in the back of my head that I am not being a good person because of my reaction to the situation and how I felt and still feel about it.

I did get some good news Airforce got his school money and after he buys himself a car if he has any left over he will let me borrow  and pay him back so I will be saving extra hard for that as well.

I needed a pick my up today so I went to one of my favorite places and took a picture for my 365, if your interested stop on over there and take a look.



and then to make myself feel  better I signed up for a Valentines Swap so hopefully I will get in!!!

I will keep you all updated and again I wanted to thank those who left positive reactions and made me feel a little better on that last post.


Mamarazzi said...

oooh a valentine swap...FUN!! i am planning on hosting a small PINKTASTIC SWAPTASTIC soon.

Kaitlyn said...

keep your head up!

"Never to suffer would never to have been blessed." ~Edgar Allen Poe

A V-Day Swap sounds fun!

love your blog layout.

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