Thursday, July 03, 2014

My Jawbone Up!!


I am not a very fit girl… there I said it! My lifestyle at the moment tends to send me more to a please let me sleep kind of feeling rather than a hey lets go work out feeling.

I work 4-6 days a week, all shifts, that means in 1 week I work 2 days of 11pm – 7 am; and then a random splitting of 7am – 3pm or 3pm – 11 pm shifts. SO I don’t have a proper sleep routine at all. I bought my Jawbone Up band in February of this year after a lot of should I’s and I shouldn't.

I was torn between the Fitbit and the Jawbone, I ended up with the jawbone because I thought it fit better and looked better on me. So does it work? I think so. NOW I will say I recently had a REALLY sketch experience with it. The one I bought in February stopped working (vibrating, lighting up etc.) on July 4th. BUT Target (where I bought it, and have a RedCard at) replaced it for me. SO we will see if it continues to work past the 4th month mark this time.

As for the workings, I mainly got the band honestly to see how much activity I do at work/school and to track my sleep.

One thing I LOVE about the band is the milestone markers it gives you. I need affirmation like that so I don’t feel like blah this isn’t worth my time.

little goals like this make me smile and want to reach the next one!

Okay so the basic workings, you wear it 24/7 I will say my wrist did develop a kind of stank smell after a little while, but so far the new one has not, also I could (and tend to ) be just extra smell sensitive. but you go into the main settings and can change/set your own goals for sleep and activity. Kensei picks on me because my goals for activity are rather slim.

As you can see I value my sleep over my activity.

It also allows you to set wake up alarms and idle alarms to remind yourself to move a little bit.

A typical day’s page looks like this:

You have sleep % Activity %, foods and drinks consumed, mood and date.

when you tap each bar you get a graph showing you that particular days topic.

How many hours awake, in light sleep or deep sleep, or activity:

The activities mode also offers a “work out” section you hit the bands changer 3 times fast and it goes into workout mode, where it calculates what you are doing then you can choose the intensity on the app.

It also syncs with myfitness pal and a lot of other sites, so you won’t have to enter the information indivually.


Some days you will get little pop ups on your app, I honestly like these, they tell you random health facts, percentage facts or in my case yell at me to sleep!!

Do you have a fitness band? An Up (if you do I’d love to join your team!) What do you think of yours? Would you consider getting an up band?


Anonymous said...

i really want a fitbit, but now am intrigued by the jawbone!

Miss Angie said...

Fun! I really love the look of the Jawbown bracelet.

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