Friday, January 16, 2015

I Think I Found My Reception Venue!!!!


This is going to be a wedding post, so I hope you all like it!!

I have been dreading the invitations because well I haven’t found any that just SCREAM me and Kensei, but I have someone AMAZING who wanted to try to make one for me so I know it will rock!! (Hi Karen!!)

I went to look at a possible venue for the reception today and honestly? I LOVE it!!! It might be a tad bit tight once we get everyone inside, but I think it is a great space with AMAZING views, plus the Memphis Trolley line stops right in front so guests won’t have to park and will have a cool way to get there!!

HQ indoor pic.jpg

Indoor setup 2.jpg


(Images from the Venues Website

Are the views not amazing??? I think it will be a great venue!! What do you think??

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