Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hey It’s Okay!

Its Ok Thursdays

I am linking up with Neely and Amber this week for Hey It’s Okay!


It’s Okay…

To want to spend the day in bed

To really miss my friends and family

To like living with Kensei

To still not be used to my new city and use GPS EVERYWHERE

That school is starting next week.

To be really nervous about starting a new school

To want to save money

To have not really eaten a healthy meal in almost a month.

To be 2% ahead of my reading goal!

To get off work and NOT wash the pile of laundry in my room.


What’s okay with you this week?


Rachel said...

A GPS is so awesome--I use it whenever I'm venturing outside of my normal routine destinations!

Amanda Powers said...

I can understand the NEED for GPS. About three years ago I moved to a new city, and was at a complete loss. I drove slow everywhere, and read all the street names as I passed. I live 20 minutes from the nearest Kroger, and thank goodness it was a strait shot with no turns. Now I know where I am going, but I hope it doesn't take you as long as it has taken me.

Good luck with school.

Have a Great Thursday.

Amanda @3lilapples a new follow courtesy of A Complete Waste of Makeup

Miss Angie said...

I would have to agree that it's ok for all of that! You can totally pull off school and your reading!

And um... I am in desperate need of laundry washing but also have not touched it.

becca said...

yes it is ok

Amber Cease said...

Thanks for stopping by from the link-up yesterday! Sorry that I'm just getting a chance to swing by your blog! Nothing wrong with relying on a GPS... sending good vibes your way that you learn your way around and become acclimated very soon! Wishing you a lovely weekend, girl! ;)

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