Friday, March 07, 2014

Subscription Share!!! Ipsy February 2014!

Hey guys!!! I love sharing what I got in my subscriptions with you all! This post is on my Ipsy bag! Do you have Ipsy? What did you get this month? If you don’t have Ipsy feel free to click on my link, I don’t get any money but I do get points I can use to get an extra item! Or I have heard that if you get an email invite you can skip the wait list, I don’t know if that’s true but if you want an Invite leave me your email and I’ll send you one!

With out further Ado--- Ipsy!!!

Please leave me a comment with what you got this month!


Night Owl said...

these always look fun. Where are you at when you do these videos? I ask b/c i hear people and music in the back ground. but you said you're from a break from class. I bet folks look at you like you're weird if you're around others walking by and you're doing this video.

Night Owl said...

so the pinch me box is definitely free. you dont have to pay anything to get it? j/w b/c if that's the case send me an email with an invite please.

Night Owl said...

Well I've been watching all your videos since I accidentally hit play all. Didnt realize how much you liked Pooh til now. I love Winnie the Pooh. from socks, to coats, to shirts, to pj pants, to dolls, to whatever LOL

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