Thursday, September 10, 2009

Am I Ready To Move On??

So I was riding in the car with my father this afternoon and he asked me my plans for spring semester. I looked at him funny and responded that I would be moving then. He asked me what my plan was. How would I move?

I kind of laughed it off, mentioned after my laptop and new car purchases I would be saving for the move. I mean my boss has a job lined up for me, and I can hire a moving van, or just come back and visit and move things right?

He smiled and said at least I had an Idea if not a plan and that I needed to fine tune it, then changed the subject.

This got me to wondering.. am I ready? I mean REALLY ready?? I want to move and transfer and be on my own, but I will be in a state where I ONLY know Kensei and his dad, no family for help, no dad to save me. Am I ready??

So I am sending this call out to blog world,

How did you know you were ready? Did you know? any advice or tips??

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