Thursday, September 24, 2009

Writer's Workshop: The Superhero edition!

Make sure you go to Mama Kat's and read all of the other awesome responses.

1.) If I could travel anywhere in the world I would go to Italy and Japan, mainly because I want to meet my relatives still in Italy and well Japan rocks.

4.) If I was a superhero It would be a problem because well I like a lot of powers. I definitely want to talk to animals, and be able to communicate telepathically. Plus well flying is great but I have always been a water girl so being able to breathe underwater and swim really fast.

I really want a killer costume too, I am thinking (if I had the body) I would totally take one of the Charmed outfits,

I love all these outfits but if Piper's silver one where a Different color I would definitely wear that one but other than that Pheobe's and Paige's would be perfect for me!

Oh! And weather control! I want that too!

I also love these outfits too!


Lisa RM said...

But the biggest question- would you be a Marvel hero or a Disney hero? Flawed, broken and all the best and worst of humanity? Or only the good stuff?

Anonymous said...

I'd love to go to Italy!!


Anonymous said...

I love those Godess outfits - me thinks being a Godess is way better than being a super hero ;)

Stopping by from ICLW

Kari said...

What a fun post!! I think Italy would be a fantastic place to visit!!


FET Accompli said...

Weather control -- now THAT would be neat!

Those superhero outfits are awesome.

Happy ICLW!

Lisa said...

Italian girls are awesome! I should know, I am one :) I wish I could talk to animals too! That way I could find out why my Lenny keeps punching me in the face...

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