Tuesday, September 22, 2009

RTT Lazy Lazy Lazy... So Lazy I can't even come up with a Title.

So I am just letting you know I have no brain capacity left, lol, so unless I get some really random thoughts most of this post is random things that made me giggle from other people. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go and visit these amazing people and maybe you will giggle too.

But first the originals:

getting sick first thing in the morning stinks, especially if you have to go to work right after.. and the AC is down again so I spent all day hot and feeling sick.

I think I failed my spanish test....

Psych made me giggle, I love that show!

Speaking of shows I Should have gotten Castle on my birthday!

now the funny people:

Kat Says: KiKi is obsessed with eating Cup o Noodles for lunch. I literally can feed my kid lunch for 37 cents a day. It is like a feed the children commercial."

Mama Cass
: Ps. If you ever read this, I am totally talking about another J that I dated that was a fireman. Totally. It isn’t you. He just happened to use the same Chapstick line. But I hear a lot of guys use that line, so it totally wasn’t you I was referring. :) (you should definitely click and read the background on this one VERY funny!)

Chelsea When describing to us that a technique we were learning isn't really all that comfortable to patients..."I have a new respect for the phrase, 'Sweet Jesus, stop!'"

stop by these great blogs and have fun!

Amber says: "Why the heck are Mary Shelly and Sojournor Truth connected in this Book?? Their writing is not alike at all!"

Makes one wonder the order of text book placement.

And the first line of the book I just started: "My name is Delia Street, named after the street where they found me, I thank God and DC everyday I wasn't found on Lois Lane."

Please go to Keely's for more interesting posts!


otin said...

Uh oh? Morning sickness? hehe! I am just kidding! Thanks for your comments today! I like to look for mistakes in movies. It is almost as fun as watching the movies themselves.

April said...

I love Psych as well. Shawn and Gus are a trip.


Lynn said...

My first visit to your blog! I also think Psych is a very funny show. Hope you did better on your Spanish test than you think. And I am now on my way to visit some of those blogs you mentioned :D

Happy ICLW!!!

Kristin said...

I love Psych also. One of the funniest shows ever.


Circus Princess said...

Sick in the morning... Thanks for the links to other bloggers funny stories, that's a lot less lazy than not doing anything :-)

Happy ICLW

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