Tuesday, September 08, 2009

So have you seen this one?? It is Tuesday again and on Tuesday even though it feels like a Monday I am sleepy and slightly bored.

Keely on the other hand isn't bored and you should go see her and the other RTTers of this week..

First random Kitty ( the same guy that licked mine last tuesday) was licking laptops again, although this time he wasn't licking mine so I feel a little more sanitary and less creeped out. (Perhaps I should avoid him on Tuesdays?)

I also have a bunch of songs in my head because a lot of people have been randomly singing the first few lines of songs.

I am not fond of Spanish class and if the professor makes a crack about me not passing one more time I might actually hit him.

I cannot figure out why my name is so hard to remember, or even my nickname Bunny, seriously is it THAT HARD???

I am going to be tired again because i work audit and come right back to class.

I know people who have never seen Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I was actually slightly shocked it is one of the classics!

I was writing and all the sudden blogger made all my words look like this:
In case you can't read that it says I was writing and all of the sudden Blogger made all my words look like this:

Also Blogger did not like auto saving.

one of the guys that I know says that he knows something about a girl that would make it good because even if he doesn't get her as a girlfriend it would work. I am curious now but also afraid.

Also The spelling I am sorry now because it is not working either.

Have a Good RTT!!!


otin said...

The porn version of chitty chitty bang bang is itty bitty gang bang! LOL!

I always have some song in my head.

Casey said...

Hmm, I'VE never seen Chitty Chitty Bang Bang either.

I can get several kids songs in your head if you want. Say the word but I warn you, they'll get stuck for weeks at a time. It makes me want to swerve into a pole sometimes just to clear my head.

Your Spanish teacher sounds like an ass.

Kwizgiver said...


The child catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang has always scared me to pieces!

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