Sunday, September 06, 2009

Safe Sex....

My mother called up and said she needed my mothering instinct. Jujube had said to mom that she had sat next to a boy in math class, and mom thought she had said "I had safe sex on the bus."
first of all Jujube is 11!!!! then mom had to explain to her what s.s. was, but apparently she couldn't so I had to while I was at work.

Mom then wanted to know if we ever Had "The Talk" I laughed at her and reminded her that by the time I was Jujube's age I had been reading smutty romance novels for over 3 years. I am now slightly scared for life... I am terrified when I have my own kids... Kensei will have to do all the explaining then!

1 comment:

otin said...

My talk with my Dad was like, "Did you get any, yet"? LOL!

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