Tuesday, September 29, 2009

RTT Sometimes I confuse even myself.


Make sure you go to Keely's and look at more randomness!

Have you ever noticed that people who used to be pretty aren't anymore?? now this doesn't apply to everyone but still.

Keely was talking about the scam emails, I wish one would be real, but with my luck i would delete it anyways.

I wonder if the owner of the hotel could come down off his high horse and stay in the hotel for a night perhaps he would understand why we don't sell out of rooms.

I HATE Roaches!!! They are evil creepy things.

I love when people call you and you answer they hang up so you call back and they go oh wrong number, say that when I answer!!!!

Do you see these pretty (chipped and not so cute) nails????
The polish glows in the freaking dark!!! I have amused myself so much since I figured that out!

Kensei and I are in an odd phase right now, he has been out will his friends every night until threeish in the morning, which is great for him, but that means we don't talk because I sleep.

These are pictures I took of Piper, I LOVE her hair like this but she chopped it all off, although I think that this one (below this) Is one of the best


I am Harriet said...

I saw this huge roach the other day. YUCK!

Have a great Tuesday!

Amethyst Moon said...

I HATE ROACHES!!! YUCK!! But I'm too scared to kill them.

Laufa said...

Piper has great hi/low-lights!
Ew roaches, I ate one once, totally grossed me out.
Very cool nails, what is the maker of that polish?

Miss Angie said...

Those are pretty pictures, I dig her hair! :)

Visiting from keely's!

Casey said...

I hate roaches too but in FL, everyone has them. Every once in awhile, I'll turn the lights on at 3am and do my best to not scream bloody murder and wake up everyone. Then I make my husband spray the entire house again.

I love glow in the dark but my 2 year old doesn't. We found that one out the hard way when we freaked him the f out one night buy putting new gitd PJ's on him. Ha.

Raven said...

I hate roaches, they are disgusting. But, I love glow in the dark nail polish. Piper's hair is really cool.

Have a great day!


Tammy said...

I'm with you, roaches are yucky. She really chut off all that hair?

Lucy postpartumillness.com said...

Commenting from the challenge. I too have wished that hotel owners would spend a night in one of their own rooms.


Anonymous said...

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