Thursday, October 01, 2009

Writer's Workshop, my best friend

Today Mama Kat’s prompt I chose was how did you meet your best friend? This one is actually really simple so I am going to embellish slightly along the lines of “when I was your age I walked too school, barefoot in the snow and up hill both ways!” But not to much.

As some of you have figured out Piper is my best friend. We are sister’s of the heart and we used to do everything together, (except for the brief period where she replaced me with the evil one and I can say that now, because she doesn’t have internet at her new house, so she’ll never read this and get mad, but she did! She totally replaced me with this evil chick!) (But she made it better by realizing the girl was evil and deciding to call me and we were best friends again)

I met Piper my sophomore year of high school, I was actually a shy and rather quiet kid, I preferred to read my romance novels and hide in the back of the room than hang with the more popular kids. Piper and I had a mutual friend and he thought that we would hit it off. So he forced us into a corner and made us talk, I had realized that she had a book that I had read and I had to comment on it. We began to talk and we never stopped.

We realized that we had both dated the same guy with in a month of each other and we even lived together briefly, we had huge plans about building a perfect house for us, and then she went and chopped off all her hair and got married.

We have realized since she moved away that things suck with out a best friend, she has to go to the laundry mat and says she hates that I am not there to sit and talk to her, and then there is the fact that I don’t really have a friend to wake up at two in the morning to come to work with me.

I miss my best friend….

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MJ said...

It is rough when your best friend isn't by your side. Mine is an hour away and I see her but once a month if we are lucky - in no way enough in my book!
enjoyed your blog!

otin said...

Friends come and go in and out of your life, and when they go, it is always traumatic!

Anonymous said...

While reading your post, I have grasped my need for best friend - my responsibility to share my emotions eye-to eye - need for response as the breathing. Thank you for your the simplicity of your writing
Leave Me Comments challenge is the best medicine, isn't it?

Maria @ Conversations with Moms said...

That's a cute story. It reminds me of my best friend who I met in high school also. She moved 3 provinces away. I use to see her once or twice a year but now that she just had twins, I'm sure it will be a while.

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