Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Don’t Go Changing To Try To Please Me….

Have I mentioned that Amber is a Sweetie? Well she has her own blog now so if you get the time swing on over and check her out!

I felt the need to change my blog around because well, I didn’t like the way it was looking.  It felt a little stale for me, I do like this back ground though Amber is calling it innocent.

My mother has once again lost her mind. She got a handwritten envelope in the mail yesterday, the return address was NYC and the post mark was Phoenix AZ, inside the envelope was a check for 2,500 handwritten on a personal bank account in CA, and no letter or anything. She is going to cash it. Now the last time we went through something like this it was a fraudulent check that She is lucky I called the bank and checked it out before she cashed. What do you think is this possibly legit?

The work situation is still not the greatest I have been going crazy and not done any of the school work that I need to get done.

The fair is starting here today and I am not going opening day because well it is going to be raining and flood watch all day. also the temp is 50 being the high.

I love winter.

Wow this post is a little more random than my RTT post was! Must be sleep deprivation!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Of course I'm a sweetie! I'm the best ever! lol Just kiddin'. Anyway, you're not moving to AZ, so stop planning that right now. Also, get some sleep.

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