Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Only At Tech Random Tuesday Thoughts

SOOO Originally I was going to write a blog about how wonderful it is because the day is a lovely cool crisp 49 degrees. But I had to change the topic because well its been an interesting day.


Midlands Tech- there is a running joke about our school that you will go here for 5 years for your two year degree and 95% of the time you only need one class and it is a math or science class.


Well on the way to math today I missed it apparently but M came into class and the first words out of her mouth were “I saw underwear in the hallway”

I kinda looked a little odd but my response was “On a person?” She said no so apparently someone took off their underwear and left it on the stairway for fun.

Then when I went to hang in the student center where one of the guys was singing Steven lynch songs.


We were sitting in class the teacher was discussing the fact that now technology is annoying and how mechanics can come home in clean clothes and this guys text ring came right at the end of his speech and he laughed and said wow I had a good idea complete with sound


Then we had a contest to see if we could touch our tongues to our noses, I was the only one in a table of 7 that could….


How many people just tried to touch their nose with their tongue??

So Then we had conversations about Farmville, and how


does Amber have a Vibrator??? She bought a vibrating face thing from Neutrogena and apparently it turned on of its own free will and her dad came in and asked her if she had a vibrator.


Speaking of Vibrators Nicci and Amber were discussing the fact that Nicci’s phone was vibrating very strongly, and joking that Nicci brought her Vibe to school, then Amber said “Go play with it with Angel!” and I was like Amber wants to play more, and then Amber said go play with M, and M who was completely clueless just said “Hi!” and this caused the entire group to burst into laughter.


Things are not going well for M, I am a little worried for her because she has a tendency to overstress about things and with the way her marriage is headed and the extra stress that the NavyJerk  is putting on her, His family is treating her like crud and it is upsetting to her. Although she knows that she has a lot of people who love her and would do anything for her, (Including several of us who are willing to fly to Japan and kick his butt) I have a feeling she is feeling kind of alone about this. Then on top of that she is now worried that she won’t be able to finish school because if she decides to take care of her problems the way she would like then she will not have the funds for classes next semester. I have told her she is welcome to come to TN with me and go to school there, if she’d like but I don’t think she will.


Sometimes, I wish I could fix things for my friends, Eri and her relationships and M’s issues. Amber really doesn’t have relationship issues, but that’s because she is without one currently.


On a lighter note, we have the Carolina Game Cocks, and we have a running conversation randomly about the Cocks vs. Trojans. We would love to hear the announcers make comments like “The cocks are going strong but the Trojan’s have a strong defense!” or “The Trojans have completely surrounded the Cocks!” or even “ The Cocks have managed to break through the Trojan Defense!!”

Can you imagine the laughter from the stands?


So this is My RTT For this week hopefully I have entertained you all! lol! For more organized randomness jump on over to Keely’s and tell her how amazing she is! As well as Casey too, (although if you link up to Casey make sure that you comment first!!!)


Raven said...

I did not have to try to touch my nose with my tongue, I already knew I could! lol I think I figured that out in high school and my bf at the time was quite impressed. hehe

LOL on the vibrator talk.

My daughter has that vibrating face cleaning thing too. She swears by it.

Have a great day,


I am Harriet said...

We were at 49 this morning. Felt like a heat wave compared to last week :)

Have a great RT!

Anonymous said...

lol!!! you are too funny!!

i posted some snow photos for my random tuesday! lol!

Jenny said...

that is some day you had there.

// visiting from 1000 comment challenge!

Keely said...

Well you can get this app for iPhones that turn them into vibrators...

otin said...

My kind of post! laced with sexual innuendo!!! LOL LMAO at the Cocks and Trojans!

Anonymous said...

Shh! *whispers* Don't talk about my vibrating contraptions on here...

Anonymous said...

Shh! *whispers* Don't talk about my vibrating contraptions on here...

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