Sunday, October 04, 2009

Blogworld Loves me!! (well at least one person!)

I just won an award!!! I am super happy about it. I am one of those people who never wins things so I am absolutely flabbergasted (I LOVE that word) That Raven over at Superhero Extraordinaire (go read her posts they are hilarious and I also love her banner!!) thinks I rock enough to give me this!

Okay are you back from the awesomeness that is Raven??

I Won:
Which is the Kreativ Blogger award given to those who are smart and cute and witty and funny and well creative, (and desperate for attention) (that last one is just me) lol.

SO what I am supposed to do is be excited about winning and then pass it along to 7 people who are all of the above and more, and then share 7 things that peoples don't know about me....

So because the suspense is killing me after a long deliberation I have decided who I shall pass this magnificent award along to, (also had to check and make sure they hadn't already received it because well I can't be the only one to think they rock!)

In no particular order of significance:

1. Ashley's Closet,
2. Keely of The UnMom
3. Mama Kat Of Mama's Losin' It
4. Texan Mama of Who Put Me In Charge Of These People
5. Frogs In My Formula
6. Rena

Okay so those are seven of the people who make we snort my chocolate milk daily, Now its time for seven things you don't know about me:

1. Angel is my nickname, Kensei gave it to me when we first met, while he was dating my friend Meg. She was all everyone has a nickname except Jacquie (which is short for Jacqueline and pronounced Jackie) (And I did have one but I wasn't called it at school just work, I had already been christened Bunny) and he got this thoughtful look on his face and started spitting out all these HORRID nicknames and meg was laughing and making comments about me being to much of a goody two shoes, and he got to Angel and it stuck.

2. I Despise with a passion, all things that look like, are or could possibly be spiders. I cannot even look at pictures without shuddering and nightmares. My father loves to joke that there are 300 kinds of poisonous spiders in the world and 280 of them live in SC. He will also be driving and throw fake spiders at me around Halloween... I hate spiders...

3. I am Italian, French Canadian and the rest of Europe. I am a mutt and proud of it, although I do lean a little bit more to the Italian side in looks and food choice.

4. I have no spine, I have all sorts of witty remarks I would love to say to people who make me mad, or just bug me but I am always worried about hurt feelings so I never say them.

5. Piper says I have a horrible temper, she says I am the worst combination possible and REALLY Big Bomb with a REALLY long fuse and when it explodes you get hit with everything that bothered me for the past few years.

6. I love to read, I read all sorts of trashy romance novels, although especially now that it is close to Halloween all of them have a paranormal slant to them.

7. I have only told three of my RL friends about this blog and only one has ever visited, its part of that offending people thing, I worry about hurting people's feelings.

Okay 7 things about me! If you have any other questions you want answered leave them in the comments and I will answer them!


Captain Dumbass said...

Thanks for the award! I hate spiders too. Not that I don't appreciate them eating other bugs in my house, I'd just prefer they keep their distance.

Mama Kat said...

A really big bomb wigh a really big fuse...that's scary. ;)

Thanks for the award!! Doesn't it feel nice to be loved...ahhhh I bask in the love. And congratulations yourself!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by my playground. I appreciate it. And congrats on the award. You can find out about my stitches HERE. Again Congrats and Mahalo :)

Rena said...

Thanks! Congratulations to you too! :D

Raven said...

Thanks for the mention! You are too sweet. Great 7 things, every interesting. I had no idea. I don't have much of a spine either. But, once I've kept it all inside for too long it just kinda explodes all over everyone and there are body parts and blood everywhere and I generally regret the things I said. I should probably just get a spine and bring stuff up as it bothers me I suppose.

Have a great day,


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