Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Searches….


Because It has been awhile and the searches that I have read are amusing to me Here are the Most Recent searches that have landed people on my blog and my reactions to them!

1. college day party BlogSpothmmm well sounds fun but I  am not sure where or when!

2. Halloween costume yuppie scumI am not sure if I am being called the yuppie scum or what here, considering I still don’t have a costume.

3. confessions college student gang bangummm yeah no…not happening

4. my old college BlogSpotwell I am not sure if you go to mine but I hope you had a lot of fun at your old college!

5. porn college angelssee number 3’s response

6. student in dorm of college BlogSpotsounds fun but I don’t live in a dorm.

7.  good luck in espanol and "good luck" in espanolthank you thank you and thank you!

8. ihateroachesreallymetoo! I like spaces though.

9. picayune intellegencehold on I have to look up picayune- according to

10. "husband in diapers"--- umm well I am not married, nor does Kensei wear diapers in my knowledge so I hope I helped I guess??


1. of little value or account; small; trifling:

2. petty, carping, or prejudiced:

3 (formerly, in Louisiana, Florida, etc.) a coin equal to half a Spanish real.

4. any small coin, as a five-cent piece.

5. Informal. an insignificant person or thing.

6. a town in SE Mississippi. 10,361.

7. Petty; mean.

So I am not sure what this one was even trying to say!

11. i confuseme too… me too…


* all searches are cut and pasted including spelling mistakes so don’t yell, complain, I mean get upset with me okay?*


Julie said...

Hey thank you for commenting! Add me on 20sb if you haven't already! Anyways I can totally relate to you when I was in college I was working and I was studying at school. *sighs* Money has to come somewhere right? But when I was going to school looking at my other peers, I get the impression that they think their money is like magic because they got to go on all these trips, they would eat out all the time, and they don't have jobs. I found it frustrating. But then I got over it recently when i started working because I guess I just stopped comparing...idk...

Anyways sorry for the ramble. Your entry cracks me up but I haven't gotten anything crazy funny keywords yet.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my playground. I do appreciate it. I love your theme my friend :) Have a great week ahead :)

Anonymous said...

I'm confused by this blog in general...

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