Monday, October 26, 2009

Hmm Something New


I was randomly searching the blogworld and I stumbled across something called 101 in 1001, I thought hmm that looks interesting! So I clicked this link and decided to give it a try.


The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (i.e.. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (i.e.. represent some amount of work on my part).

Why 1001 Days?
Many people have created lists in the past – frequently simple goals such as New Year’s resolutions. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organizing and timing some tasks such as overseas trips or outdoor activities.


So Starting Today my 1001 days is up Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Wish me luck!!!


Completed will be highlighted in pink, (I think)


  1. Finish my 101 list
  2. Write a letter and snail mail it
  3. Get a passport
  4. Dance in the pouring rain
  5. Get a tattoo
  6. Go to the movie theater and see the Princess and the Frog
  7. Equip my car with an emergency kit (don’t you love how that implies get a car)
  8. "Unplug" from Computer, TV and Cell phone for 1 day
  9. Get my Palm Read or visit a psychic with a friend
  10. Inspire 5 people to create their own lists [2/5]
  11. Take (good) pictures and post them at least a week’s worth
  12. Photograph old graveyards, I am thinking Charleston and Savannah before I move.
  13. Do a work of thirteen themes for photography
  14. Make and complete a scrapbook
  15. Save all my change for at least two months and not spend it,
  16. Make a living will
  17. Get a safe
  18. Save 50 from each paycheck for 6 months
  19. Track spending for six months and try to create a new budget that works and saves me money!
  20. Six months emergency money
  21. Buy new bedroom set,
  22. Get married? Or at least engaged officially
  23. Go on an official “first date” with Kensei
  24. Convince at least one friend to do this with me, so I have good will power
  25. Go with Air force, and chickieboo to Trans-Siberian-orchestra Christmas show.  I had to work this day and they were only here once.
  26. Graduate from Tech!!!! (with or without Spanish)
  27. Transfer to a University!
  28. Try to get to at least 140lbs
  29. Pack everything I own for the big move before I actually make it!
  30. Organize everything and get rid of things that, I don’t want, don’t need or are just to ratty to keep
  31. Get health insurance or find a job with benefits
  32. Find a new exercise routine and stick with it.
  33. Drink more water
  34. Clean out the black hole known as my closet
  35. Get emotional/bored eating under better control
  36. Donate clothes I don’t wear
  37. Get a Spray Tan
  38. Spend a day at the spa
  39. Go to NYC
  40. Have a slumber party with girlfriends, just like when we were teens
  41. Write a thank you note for every gift I receive (0/0)
  42. Take a Poll dancing class
  43. Paint a canvas
  44. Send a message in a bottle
  45. Kiss in the rain
  46. Play beach volley ball
  47. Use ponds cold cream on eyes every night
  48. Go skinny dipping (again)
  49. Take a surfing lesson
  50. Learn to waltz properly
  51. Organize all my books and donate the ones I no longer want
  52. Find a church that I like, and attend every Sunday for a month
  53. Drink 8 Glasses Water/day for at least 7 days (0/7)
  54. Get a massage
  55. Get healthy enough to donate blood.
  56. Get a Brazilian body wax (once weight loss goal is complete). (OWWWW)
  57. Get my teeth whitened.
  58. Have my camera in my purse with me during the 750 day duration. 7/750
  59. Buy 20 scratch tickets and only scratch them once I have all 20 (0/20)
  60. Send Christmas Cards
  61. Stop hating my cousin
  62. Pass Math
  63. Pass Spanish 122
  64. Tip 100% once for outstanding service and it cannot be to a friend
  65. Eat one piece of fresh fruit every day for 30 days – (0/30)
  66. Book Cross at least 10 books, 0/10
  67. Use bookplates for said books
  68. Get pregnant
  69. Have a baby
  70. Vow of Silence for 24 hours 5 times 0/5
  71. Eat breakfast before noon for 2 weeks
  72. Bake a loaf of bread
  73. No fast food for two weeks
  74. donate Blood
  75. drink only water for three days
  76. eat the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables for a day for two weeks
  77. take lunch to work for a month (0/31)
  78. Stop eating frozen microwavable food for two weeks
  79. Sing In public
  80. Go to Mass/Church on a day other than Christmas and Easter for at least a month
  81. Go Salsa Dancing
  82. Wake up every morning for 31 days and dance to a song (no stopping)[0/31]
  83. How to drive a standard successfully
  84. Horseback riding
  85. Get a picture taken with someone in a photo booth
  86. Do a Chinese Fire Drill
  87. Stop biting my nails (and keep them long)
  88. Become more flexible
  89. Say yes 10 times when I feel like saying no (0/10)
  90. Make a family favorite recipe book.
  91. Get family portrait taken.
  92. Talk to airforce, jujube, daddy and mommy at least once weekly after the big move
  93. Stop cussing for one week. (Seven days.)
  94. Establish a “cuss jar” to pay a penalty for each swear word. (Amount dependent on word.)
  95. Get a pedometer. Walk 10K steps a day for 30 days. (0/30)
  96. Go see Dr. for PCOS follow-up.
  97. Take all medication for PCOS for at least six months
  98. have a yard sale.
  99. Dress as Hazuki three times 0/3
  100. Buy sexy lingerie
  101. Donate 1.00 for everything not done and make a new 101 list at the end of 1001 days


miku said...

This is interesting. I wish I was this committed. Good luck.

Stopping by from We Love Comments via 20sb

Kirsten said...

This is a good idea! I wish I could make a list of 101 but I'd probably get distracted and or bored halfway through and leave ha.

You came up with some really good ones though! I might have to do this.. :)

Alice Audrey said...

Quite the list. Everything from finishing it to having a baby. I'll root for you.

Alicia said...

Eventually I really need to do this! I found yours really inspiring! Especially the last one, because I know I would have quite a few!



Anonymous said...

I'd seen this on another blog, too. Good luck! You have lots of good and worthwhile goals!

I arrived on your blog via ICLW, by the way!

Anonymous said...

I would totally donate a dollar for all the tasks I don't complete, too, if I wasn't a jew. lol

Anonymous said...

great list! good luck on completing it! I like number 101 and it's funny because I am nowhere near the end of my 101 days and I'm already thinking of making a new one in the end.

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