Thursday, October 15, 2009

Making People Join with me!!!

So apparently I am good at convincing  people to join with with me. Eri, Amber and Nita also have blogs now! I convinced Piper and she has had one for a little while. I am enjoying having all my friends blogs that I can read, although now I have to be careful about what I write about my super, amazing, remarkable, fantastic, Incredible, Marvelous, friends because they will totally hit me if they don’t like what I write.

I will link up to everyone’s blog, they are all really  funny honestly so stop by!



Anonymous said...

The computer just ditched my comment! *gasps* I commented and it was like, "I don't think so! This comment isn't going through." What? Are my comments not worthy? Well, there you have it Jacquie... I can't comment on this blog because it's not good enough according to the computer (not Izzy, but computers in general). Wait, no. More like the Internet which likes to be eeevil!
In that case, let me sneak in a preview of what I just typed a second ago that got tossed: You can't take all the credit for getting everybody to get a blog; Nita wouldn't have if I hadn't first. So there! Ha!
Love you. ^_^

Otin said...

I have been trying to get word to you that the comment section was not working, I guess you got it fixed!!

corruptionsgift said...

uh, i like the marvelous, wonderful part. :D

of course i'd join, DUH.

it's going to be a norm for us now, and we all have a pack to not get angry.

oh, yeah, it's eri if you haven't figured it out. :D

CynicalNitakins said...

I had that problem yesterday...your blog is pretty.

Ronnica said...

It's weird when people you know read your blog. Not that I say bad things about them, but I do have to watch HOW I say them.

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