Friday, October 09, 2009

Dear Life:

Dear Owner:

You and I are starting to get a lot more friendly than I’d like, today we sold all but the most unsellable rooms, even the ones I wouldn’t stay in even if after one night I was given a million dollars. and yet you STILL were not happy?????? Why??? What would it take to make you happy? You keep threatining to fire my manager who has done an incredible job with what you give him and I just find it amazing you have the nerve!

Annoyed and handling your income


Dear Mom and Dad,

Winter Break (which is only two days and in the fall) doesn’t mean that I have nothing to do, I have 8 papers, three midterms, and two tests as soon as I get back, plus two 7am-12pm shifts in a row. Seriously? you expect me to be able to clean the whole house, do the laundry and cook for guests on Air force's birthday??

your soon to be exhausted daughter


Dear Shady Employee’s

WTF, we have every room in the hotel sold but the most unsellable rooms and you have the gall to “sell” a room that has already been reserved?? So when I send my guests up and the room is trashed and covered in beer cans I look like the idiot!

Will find and kill you for making me look bad


Dear Kat,

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! If not for your dear so and so’s I would probably explode on some hapless guest! You are awesome!!

Respectfully and Reverently


Not everyone rants as much as me on Dear So and So Please stop by Kat’s and take a look!


Tracie said...

I like this dear so and so looks like it might have very therapeutic potential!! "annoyed and handling your income"....yeah, I used to work for someone who owned a bookstore and I felt the same way all the time (not hard to see why I eventually quit!)

Thanks for stopping by!

Rena said...

Nope, I rant as much as you do too. It's what it's for, isn't it?! :)

otin said...

Damned parents! haha!

Kat said...

You're welcome ;) !

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