Friday, October 23, 2009

A Bad Night Made Better


So yesterday was a bad day, and it only got worse as it went on, started out great but the drama at school killed my enjoyment, and made me worry about my old friends and new friends.

Then I got to work and I swear this new boss has lost her EVER lovin mind!!

This is my schedule for Sunday and Monday:




yes folks that’s come in at 3pm and work until 7 am, which would be fine but then I have class from 8-2:30 and then she did this:


In case you cannot read the blurry that says come in at 3pm and work till 11pm, which would have me awake and alert for over 24 hours, on top of two twelve hour shifts today and tomorrow, ummm not happening even if Monday WASN’T my dad’s birthday and the day I have a midterm!!


So I have been fuming tonight plus all the complaints from the guests have not helped, so when I leave at 7 I am going to class and coming back at 12…

I needed Happy music so I listened to this song! You should all listen because well it makes you want to dance!



Raven said...

Those are some horrible shifts! And then a midterm on top of it all? Good luck!

Anonymous said...

She's a fricken lunatic! Is she even allowed to make you work those kinds of hours? Isn't that against the law or something? You need a new job. That's just ridiculous!

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