Monday, September 03, 2012

Danielle’s Birthday Bash!

Happy Birthday to me *clap clap*
Happy Birthday to me *clap clap*
Happy Birthday Sexy Lady
Happy Birthday to me *clap clap*
Ok, now that THAT is out of the way, I'm Danielle! I blog at Secrets of a Sweet Southern Girl and today is my birthday! I have always been able to make a real affair out of my birthday because it always falls around Labor Day. So I'm off of work today and tomorrow allowing plenty of time for friends and family to treat me like a queen for a few days.

Really though, the best part about birthdays is spending time with friends and family. We all get busy, but we always make time for birthdays!
Another fun thing about birthdays is presents!
So I'm going to share some with all of you!

In addition these lovely ladies have contributed some awesome things for my Birthday Bash!

Aren't these prizes awesome! One lucky winner takes all! Use the Rafflecopter widget to enter!

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