Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fairy Tales Reimagined.

First off I wanted to say Today is my Birthday!!! Yay me! Once again I am linking up with Danielle for Fairy Tale Week, although I might have an It’s Okay post later on!


Today’s topic is books about fairy tales, I have quite a few, plus some I can’t wait to read!

I am going to start out with 2 of my favorites, and funnily enough they are based on the same fairy tale. (Once again if you want any of these click on the image to buy them!)

These two are Young Adult novels based on the story of the 12 Dancing Princesses; and even though they are based on the same fairy tale they could not be more different. I will admit I bought Entwined because of the cover, the silver is metallic and shimmers, and the Princess of the Midnight Ball is the 1st in a series, so you should definitely read the other two!

This is a romance loosely based on Little Mermaid, it does have some Greek mythology thrown in, so I really loved it, again this is the 1st in a series.

The next three are by the same author, 1 I loved, 1 was meh and 1 I am currently reading.


Wicked Jealous is a modern retelling of Snow White, only snow doesn’t start out the fairest in the land, but I LOVED this book.

Little Miss Red- Obviously a little red riding hood book, started out great, but I could barely finish it, although most of the reviews said it was wonderful.

Cindy Ella- I am about halfway through this and so far so good!

Alex Finn is a WONDERFUL storyteller, I have LOVED all of her fairy tale retellings, but Beastly is by far my favorite of hers, if you’ve seen the movie with Vanessa Hudgins, read the book, it is so much better, the character are so much more developed and Hollywood REALLY let the ball drop with that movie.

I honestly could keep going with books I’ve read but here are some I want to, if you’ve read them let me know what you think, and if you want an in-depth review of any of these please let me know!

So what books are you reading?


Beth Wade said...

Thanks- I didn't know any of these, but I'm totally putting some of these on my wishlist. I love a good fairy tale retelling!

becca said...

Happy Birthday and love the books choices
Come Say HI

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!! I'm so glad you are linking up with me this week! I haven't heard of a lot of these! I'll have to search them out!

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