Sunday, September 02, 2012

Funnel Cake Hair!!!

So it’s fall now and I love fall, when I was in high school  I used to wear my hair in a lot of different ways, but two main ones, meatballs and funnel cake! (yes my hair was names after food) This is what Funnel Cake looks like in my hair now

Alex asked me how I do it so I used my sister, Jujube and did it on her hair with photos!

Julie hair 001

Start by brushing and pulling the hair back into a pony tail. Julie hair 002Start by pulling off about a 1/2 in section (although the sizes of the sections should vary and is completely up to the person doing the hair style.)Julie hair 003Start to twist the hair, just keep twisting until it starts to curl up on itself!Julie hair 004

Pin into place with a bobby pin and repeat! I took a small video, sorry for the shaky hands

Funnel Cake Hair!

then repeat that all over the head Julie hair 007

Julie hair 008Julie hair 009Julie hair 012Julie hair 013

and you end up with funnel cake hair!!

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