Wednesday, September 12, 2012

If You Really Knew Me:

You’d Know:

I have a shopping addiction, if it’s on sale, makeup, candles or  purses I will buy it.

I have a candle obsession. I collect and burn them like crazy

I am just not that into sports.

I love summer but hate heat.

I am very anti-confrontational.

I want a large family, and many kids

I love my puppy like she was my child.

I think all electronics and cars have a personality and deserve names.

I love to watch old shows like Saved By The Bell, Fresh Prince, Married with Children, and Home Improvement.


MariaSelf said...

OMG, Angel, I'm definitely with you on the electronics and cars!;-) I do feel like they listen and that's why I talk to them every once in a while!;-)

becca said...

i like you even more knowing this

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