Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Blogtember Blues City Hot Dogs!

So today we are supposed to review a book, product or place, So I decided to do Blues City Hot Dogs. I found out about this place from Alyssa from Ten Feet Of Beale.

I will admit when I was headed to the Blues City Hot Dogs I was hoping for a place similar to Ted’s  Hotdogs in NY. Sadly they were not Ted’s but the were still good!!

First and foremost they  only offer 2 types of hot dogs, Nathan’s All Beef or Veggie dogs. This is a MAJOR selling point for me because I really only like all beef hotdogs. The fact that they offer Veggie Dogs and will sub a veggie dog into any of their specialty dogs is also a major plus.

They also offer free Wi-Fi!!

Blues City Hot Dogs, Memphis // Ten Feet Off Beale

This is their wall, when you order you can sign the wall and leave a note. I think this is a super cute idea!

I went and got their All American Dog, which is a chili cheese dog, it was super yummy! 20130921_134056

They have canned soda and water bottles for drinks, and everything is really reasonably priced. 20130921_134104

Look at that chili dog!!! The only thing I wasn’t super pleased with was the “Seasoned” pickle. I’d just rather have a regular pickle…

so if you are ever in Memphis take a second and stop by the Blues City Hot Dogs!!

669 South Highland Street
Memphis TN 38111

1 comment:

Sarah E. said...

I love that wall idea - so cool!

And om nom nom chili cheese dog! Ahhhh. We're moving back to TN soon and I need to keep track of all the awesome TN things I've seen via bloggers.

Also stopping in from the Share the Blog Love group - following via GFC

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