Wednesday, September 04, 2013


If I could take 3 months off from my life and do anything I want? I would want to pack mine and Kensei’s things and just travel the world taking photographs. I almost had the chance to go to Venice, Florence and Rome this summer for 3 weeks and take pictures, I got accepted into the summer credit program, BUT I couldn’t come up with the 5 k needed.  So where would I go?

Thailand--- Look at that sunset!

(courtesy of Fleurdeforce)

I would love to spend a week or two there and just take pictures of everything.

Of course I want to go to Venice.


So, instead of an overnight train from Innsbruck to rome, we're gonna take a day trip to Venice :o) Rome, Italy. Learning Italian, hopefully ill be able to go here one day :)  Florence. Inspiration. See what we can do for your perfect Florence wedding: #weddinginflorence #weddinginitaly #weddingplanner #art2arrange #florence #italy

and Rome and Florence (click each image to go to the source)


The 15th century  Dunnottar Castle, Scotland  visit  instagram: @theglobalista  twitter: @theglobalista

And so many other places!!! I would just LOVE to travel, and go places I haven’t been before!

What would you do with 3 months out of your life?


Sarah Grace said...

so many places to travel and so little time. what a terrible problem! :) haha love all of these places and i wish i could go to them all!

happy wednesday!
xo, sarah grace

Kimberly said...

Great pics! I was lucky enough to get to spend a week traveling through Italy (Venice, Florence, Rome & Vatican City) during a study-abroad semester in London. One week was not enough, but those memories will last a lifetime. I hope you get to go one day! The next place I'd like to visit is India: My Post

Lani Derrick said...

My husband spent 3 weeks in Thailand a few years ago and said it is amazing.

Karen said...

I'm glad we think along the same lines here. Traveling is definitely the way to go. And that picture of Scotland??? Daaaaaang.

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