Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Blogtember Life Lately…

Life lately… well I haven’t really done to much honestly. We are halfway through September and I’ve barely touched my goals for this month.

BUT I do have a little good news, Kensei and I talked about it and we are thinking about getting married next year. If we do it would be a tiny ceremony basically justice of the peace and then when we have enough money later on we would throw our reception.

This means I’ve been looking at wedding dresses. I mentioned a few of my options in my blogtember post on shopping.

My birthday was good, We saw City Of Bones, and were the only people in the theater. We had pizza for lunch and went to Shogun for dinner… that was the only part I wasn’t happy about. I had never been there and was really looking forward to it. but we were seated at a table with an older couple and a mother of 4, 3 of her kids were REALLY well behaved but one threw a literal kicking screaming temper tantrum throughout dinner, so we didn’t get the show, the chef just cooked the food and left, then the lady didn’t leave the poor waitress a tip… that made me mad, and basically made going out for my birthday dinner pointless.

I also came about 30 seconds close to being robbed last night. I work audit 2 nights a week at a hotel, and I usually get to work about 30 min early. I was walking across the parking lot to the lobby last night carrying my school bag, laptop and purse. A car pulled into the lot behind me, and I remember thinking, oh, I left something in the car, but decided to not turn back and get it. As I walked into the lobby a guest walked out, she had maybe taken two steps when a guy jumped out of the car, pulled a gun and stole her purse… I spent most of my night at work extra jumpy because 30 seconds later and that could have been me….


What is new in your life?? I’d love to know!

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Mrs Swan said...

Yeah my youngest would have been that fit thrower. But we ALWAYS leave a tip- usually 20% Freaking how fast life can change huh? Glad you decided to go into the building instead of doubling back.

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