Monday, December 09, 2013

12 Days Of Christmas Day 1 My Wishlist!

Day one is what is on your wishlist.

My wishlist is actually not that big this year, I mean I have a few “if I won the lottery” items but honestly I didn’t ask for all that much.

1. This is on EVERY Christmas wish list I’ve every written – Snow… I want a White Christmas.

I would also like to not have to work, although I know I will.

2. Clothes, I have a lot of clothing but most of it is over 4 years old, has holes and is just generally tattered looking. So I asked for clothing or gift cards to stores with clothes this year.

3. Photo Paper – I use photographic paper in my classes at University and the supplies can be a little expensive, We usually go through at least 150 sheets of paper a semester and each pack of 25 runs about $30 so I asked for my family to buy me photo paper if possible.

4. This is an if I were to win the lottery item --

A Nikon D5300 for my Digital Photography class this fall.


What’s on your wish list??


Barbara said...

Great list! That is a nice camera!

Caitlyn said...

Thanks for participating in my blog challenge!

I'm going to have to disagree with you on the snow. My grandpa just told me that it's supposed to be warming up soon and I could NOT have been more happy.

I totally feel you on the photo paper, but lottery to get a D5300? I'd get a nicer camera if I won the lottery. A D5300 is still considered "entry level" and is only about $800. If I had millions, Imma spend it right!

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