Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 Review Extravaganza Part 4!!!

I can’t believe that this is almost over!!


I shared my October Goals

Some of my favorite British Pop!

Got a new Blog look!

Talked about young Tim Curry!

Did the Autumn Tag

7 Deadly Sins

Shared my DIY Fall Pie Scrub

Talked about what Someday I will..

Showed what I wore for Halloween!!!


I said what I would do with 1 million for 1 day

I proved to the world I am a Mega Klutz

Shared some little known facts

Took part in the Guest Post Swap!

Proved I never passed geography

And said something's I was thankful for.


This is it folks!!! The end!!

I did parts one two and three of the review!!

I talked about black Friday shopping

Decorated for Christmas

Did the Sweater Weather Tag

Shared My “Rules”

Talked about Giving vs. receiving

Went Home For The Holidays.

Merry Christmas Eve!!!

And Talked about what I got for Christmas!

Got a Brownie Camera Joined in with my Psych Class to desperately hope we could pass our exam And my most liked Instagrams of the Year!!! Plus i figured out how to Embed these things!!


Emmy said...

We just saw Frozen last week finally, it was so so good! The music is so awesome.

That camera is awesome.

Thank you again for recapping with us

Kenzie S said...

Your posts sound so fun! I'm definitely going to have to check out some of them :) What a neat camera!

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